Call for contributions to the

VUVX2010 Special Issue "Advances in Vacuum UltraViolet and X-ray Physics"

to be published in Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenonmena approximately 6 months after the conference.

The last day to submit articles for consideration for inclusion in this special edition is August 31, 2010.

Contributed papers are invited on all fundamental and applied topics of Vacuum UltraViolet and X-ray physics. Original work of both theoretical and experimental nature is welcomed. Given space constraints in this special issue, only the first 120 accepted papers, to a maximum of 600 journal pages will be published.  Inclusion will be on a competitive, first-come first-serve basis.  Any articles associated with the conference that are accepted after the page limit is reached will be published in a subsequent regular issue of the journal, with a note indicating its relation to the VUVX2010 special issue.

All manuscripts will be subjected to the normal refereeing process for the Journal of Electron Spectroscopy (2 reviews).  This will create a high-impact volume that will become a highly cited modern reference for new advances in VUV and X-ray physics.  We strongly encourage and invite all participants to submit an original article for consideration for publication in this special issue as early as possible to ensure a spot in this special issue. 

A regular article should normally be about  4 journal pages - approximately 3000 words, with no more than 4 figures or tables, each occupying a quarter page.  Please note: One journal page = 1000 words (not counting figures or tables). 

Plenary and Invited Speakers are invited to submit somewhat longer articles (up to 10 journal pages), which can have a review character if appropriate.

Copies of the proceedings can be purchased at the time of registration for $70.00 CDN.  Depending on availability, copies will also be available for purchase during the conference.

All manuscripts must be submitted on-line at:

IMPORTANT:   To ensure that your manuscript is correctly identified for inclusion in the special issue, please select   "Special issue: VUVX2010" at the "Article Type" step in the submission process and identify the editor as Tong Leung.

As of 2010-07-09

Number of articles received = 25

Number of articles accepted for publication = 0

Timeline for VUVX2010 Special Issue

Submission site open                  01 January 2010

Conference                                  11-16 July  2010

Submission site closed                31 August  2010

Publication – papers will be published and accessible shortly after being accepted

Print version                                 Late 2010 or early 2011

Special Issue Editor : Tong Leung, WATLab & Chemistry Department, University of Waterloo, Canada, email: tong @
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