Use of Attendee Data

The VUVX2010 conference Organization Committee respects your privacy and does not want to contribute to unwanted email spam. We will follow the following principles concerning attendee information.

General principles:

  • We will only ask for the information we need for conference registration and organization. Venue West will handle conference payment on a separate, secure server; this information is not available to the conference organizers
  • We will tell attendees how we will use their information, then use it that way;
  • We will distribute the minimum amount of information necessary to other parties; and
  • We will give attendees the ability to remove their name from the conference attendee list 

 How we will use attendee data:

  1. A list of conference attendees (name, affiliation and email address) will be provided to all attendees through the printed abstract book but not postedd electronically.
  2. A list of conference attendees (name, affiliation, email address and postal address) will be provided to conference vendors.
  3. A list of conference attendees will be provided to the next VUVX conference organization committee, to assist with their promotion activities
  4. The list of conference attendees (name, affiliation and email address) may be provided to organizers of conferences in directly adjacent subject areas with request that they do not redistribute this list to other parties.
  5. Individuals who wish to be removed from the distributed attendee list or email list may do so my contacting the conference secretariat.
Questions please contact Stephen Urquhart (

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