A Magical Evening at the Vancouver Aquarium


Event venue:                The Vancouver Aquarium
Event date and time:    Thursday, July 15; 7:15pm – 10:15pm
Transfers to Aquarium:  6:45pm - 7:15pm from Walter Gage Residence along Student Union Boulevard 

The Vancouver Aquarium is the largest Aquarium in Canada. The exhibit includes over 70,000 animals from all regions of the world with a strong focus on British Columbia's coastline and marine wildlife, the Aquarium's Beluga whale family and many interactive shows. The Aquarium attracts more than a million visitors every year.
The Vancouver Aquarium is not only an educational treasure but also a beautiful spot in the heart of Vancouver's famous Stanley Park.

The VUVX2010 Conference Banquet will take place at this remarkable site.  The evening will include a West Coast buffet dinner and a live dolphin show! Motorocach transfers will be available between UBC and the aquarium. 

To register for the banquet please click here or send an email to Adriana Nunez at

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