Conference Photography
See instructions for uploading pictures, below.
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Uploading VUVX2010 Conference Pictures

  • Please do not take pictures of presentations or exhibits without first obtaining permission from the presentation author or exhibitor.

  • Uploaded pictures will be linked from the VUVX2010 website (probably using Flickr) and used in a conference “slide-show”, and may be used in published work, with your permission

  • Please let us know which pictures are yours, so that we can credit your images.

1.)   Upload to, and attach to the group VUVX2010 (
2.)   Upload to a network disk (
3.)   Load onto the photo-computer in the speaker ready room

If you already have a flickr account or a yahoo login, then you’re set! If not, you can sign up for a FREE account at
  • Join the group “VUVX2010” in Flickr (select “groups” and search for “VUVX2010”)

  • Upload your pictures to your Flickr account, and add suitable tags (VUVX2010, UBC, etc)

  • Copy your pictures to the “VUVX2010” group (there are several tools for this)

2.) Uploading VUVX2010 Pictures to a Network Disk (click for these instructions, with graphics)
  • Connect to with any web browser (tested with Firefox, Internet Explorer & Safari, on Mac OS X & Windows XP)

  • Select the tab “VUVX2010 pictures” and then select the “gear” icon to create your own subdirectory (see below). Please make the sub-directory in your name so we know who took the pictures and so we can ask permission for use in publications.

  • Change to your new subdirectory, and select the “up arrow”  to upload images. Follow the menu directions to upload your pictures.

  • These pictures will be moved off this server ~daily.

3.) Transfer on a Computer in the Speaker Ready Room (tbd)
  • A computer will be available in the speaker ready room for uploading conference pictures. This computer will be equipped with a “multi-card” reader.

  • Please put your images in a sub-directory named after you (e.g. "c:\pictures\AdamHitchcock") so we know took the pictures and so we can ask permission for use in publications.

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